EnerEnv'2003 Conference ---Call for Papers
          October 11-14, 2003, Changsha, China

This Call For Papers Brochure Is Distributed
Among Experts & Practitioners

In Energy Development & Pollution Abatement.


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Papers are invited on topics that are within the scope. Researchers interested in developing a specific technical,economic or social session should contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for additional information. The official language of the conference is English. Papers and all correspondences will be in English.


      Abstracts of 300 to 400 words should be received through mail, fax or email by the Local Organizing Committee prior to January 31, 2003. Abstracts will be reviewed. Authors will be notified of acceptance by March 31, 2003. No manuscript will be returned. Full-length papers, in Microsoft word format and with a maximum of 6 pages including tables and figures, are due by May 31, 2003. The author(s) will be noticed of acceptance one month after the manuscript is received.

      The author(s) should be responsible for the paper. The proceeding committee has the right of paper modification. The submitted abstracts and full-length papers will be peer reviewed to ensure consistent technical and grammatical levels. The author(s) should declare if he or she doesn't agree with this.


Wei Sun
Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering
Hunan University
Changsha 410082
P. R. of China
TEL: (86-731) 882-1697; FAX: (86-731) 882-3701
E-mail: sunwei@hnu.net.cn


The proceedings of this conference will be published in Hunan University Press and will be available to delegates at the time of registration. In addition, selected papers will be reviewed and published in a special issue of an international journal after the conference.


1 Manuscript

Papers or abstracts should be submitted in duplicate with an electronic version (diskette, CD or e-mail) processed through Microsoft Word. The paper should includes title, author(s), Affiliation(s), abstract, key words, text and references. The length of the manuscript, including figures and tables, should not exceed 6 pages for normal papers, or 8 pages for keynote papers. Technical terms and mathematical symbols used should be defined where they first appear in equations, figures, tables or text. Type single-spaced on one side of white paper of size A4(210cmí┴297cm) made up in Microsoft word, and use Times New Roman. The top, bottom, left, right margin are 4cm, 4cm, 3cm, 3cm, respectively.

2 Title

The title should be brief, no more than 14 words. The authorí»s name(s), address, telephone and fax numbers, their present employment and e-mail address should be typed below the title line.

3 Abstract

The body of manuscript should be preceded by an abstract with the length of 300 to 400 words for a full-length article. It should be intelligible in itself without depending on references cited. No more than 10 key words should be provided at the bottom of the abstract.

4 Text

Text should be organized by 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.. Symbols of quantities should be italic, symbols of vectors should be bold and italic, and symbols of matrices should be capitalized, bold and italic. International System units should be used throughout the paper. No English unit is allowed.

5 Tables and Figures

Figures and tables should be below to the text which refers to them for the first time. Figure captions should be typed below the figure. Tables should be numbered consecutively and titled above each table. The size of lettering should be font 9. All table columns should have an explanation of each table. Contents of table and figure must appear in the text.

6 References

All references should be arranged in alphabetical order of the authorsí» names and grouped together at the end of the paper. An example of reference is given as follows:

[1] Brouwer R, Dewit CT. A simulation model of plant growth with special attention to root growth and its consequences. In: Whittington W J, ed. Root growth. London: Butterworth, 1969. 224~244
[2] Fletcher R. A new approach to reliable metric algorithms. Computer J, 1970, 13(2): 317~322
[3] Cairns R B. Infrared spectroscopic studies on solid oxygen: [dissertation]. Berkeley: Univofcalifornia, 1965



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