Three EIL publications were classified as Highly Cited Papers in Essential Science Indicators (ESI)
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The following three EIL publications were recently classified as Highly Cited Papers in Essential Science Indicators (ESI): Identification of Optimal Strategies for Energy Management Systems Planning under Multiple Uncertainties, Y. P. Cai, G. H. Huang, Z. F. Yang, Q. Tan, Appl Energ 86 (4): 480-495 Apr 2009 An Integrated Approach for Water Resources Decision Making under Interactive and Compound Uncertainties, S. Wang, G. H. Huang, Omega-Int J Manage Sci 44: 32-40 Apr 2014 A Multi-Level Taguchi-Factorial Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Approach for Characterization of Parameter Uncertainties and their Interactions: An Application to Water Resources Management, S. Wang, G. H. Huang, Eur J Oper Res 240 (2): 572-581 Jan 16 2015 The Highly Cited Papers indicator shows the volume of papers that are classified as highly cited in Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Highly cited papers are the top one percent in each of the 22 ESI subject areas per year. They are based on the most recent 10 years of publications. Highly Cited Papers are considered to be indicators of scientific excellence and top performance and can be used to benchmark research performance against field baselines worldwide.