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Development of Remediation Technologies

In R&D of remediation technologies for cleaning-up petroleum-contaminated sites, EIL members have been exploring a number of biological- and medium-enhancement methods that are suitable to soil and climate conditions in a western Canada context. EIL had a patent approved with three more in queue. Recently, a new advance EIL members have been working on is the development of biosurfactant-enhanced remediation technologies. The developed biosurfactants are different from conventional chemical ones, with the special characteristics of being (a) able to improve medium conditions, (b) non-toxic to microorganisms, and (c) able to promote microbial activities. After playing the above roles, the biosurfactants could then, at a slow rate, be degraded as preferential substrates by inherent microorganisms. This technology is critical for improving remediation performance in the prairie region where disadvantageous low-permeability soil conditions exist. The above projects were supported by the Petroleum Technology Research Center and several petroleum-related companies. The developed methods have been applied to a number of remediation projects and received significant attentions by peers throughout the world.

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